Kitchen and Pantry Essentials

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

As a bakers and mothers there are just somethings we just cannot live without. That might be a little dramatic, but these items make cooking, baking, and decorating that much easier. These are the items you can use on a daily basis or for special occasion. I, however, use these items on a weekly, if not daily, basis to make my job, as a mother and a baker, go as smoothly as the buttercream we use.

"A Party without Cake is Just a Meeting."

- Julia Child

Fresh & Good Quality Ingredients

As a mother, I only want the best food to go into my little ones stomachs. Processed and preserved foods not only lose their taste as time goes on, but can affect health. As a Chef and Baker, I believe cooking, baking, and everything surrounding food should be done with fresh ingredients because not only do the fresh ingredients taste better, but they allow me to combine complex flavors with the basics of flower, sugar, and butter.

Cake Turn Tables

During the process decorating cakes, one of the most value objects is the turn table. Using a turn table allows bakers to control the speed of the turning of the cake to allow for smoother, more crips edges. Turntables spin in both directions, making them usable for right and left-handed people. However, they're not JUST for frosting; they can be used for beading, frosting painting techniques, and other elevated techniques.

Off - Set Spatulas

An off-set spatula, serving multiple purposes in my bakery, is mostly used as a tool to smooth frosting. Although, it can double as a wonderful way to stir large batches of melting chocolates or even smoothing cake or cupcake batters into a pan.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers

Having a mixer is a life safer! Not to avoid the workout of whisking and mixing batters and doughs, but the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, both, saves time and allows for bigger batches of ingredients.

Cupcake Liners & Parchment Paper

Although tiny, cupcake liners creates a special ease in taking cupcakes out of baking pans to transfer onto cooling trays. They additionally add that  creative edge you may want for your cupcakes, muffins, or truffles. Parchment paper, equally undervalued, is much more cost effective than using a normal foil; coming in larger sizes for bigger and odd shaped pans. For messier activities with my little ones, I love to use parchment paper to minimize clean up.

Kitchen Scale

One of my favorite things about baking is the fact that I can't "eye ball" ingredients - there's a science behind all recipes. Baking, using scaled weights rather than using measuring tools, makes each step faster and more efficient.

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